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Transcenders: Episode 0 is the first step in what I hope is a long journey. It’s a proof of concept I made to make sure I can hit the pacing, theme, camera movements, and basic mechanics of the game I’d like to make next. It also gives a first glimpse at it's story/universe I want to create.

My plan is to create future versions that improves upon this experience. The next version (Episode 1) will have better puzzles, better gameplay and a more fleshed out art style. 

When I decided to pursue independent game development, I knew that even though I didn't have the ability or resources to build a game, I had enough that I could take the first step. My hope was that I could learn the basics of the Unreal Development Kit (used to make the game) while making something simple that I could use to show off some of the ideas I have for the next episode. After a year and a half of learning and hard work, I have my proof of concept: my first, now it's time to figure out how to survive so I can work on taking the next step: Transcenders: Episode 1: "A Beginning"

Find more info about step 2 here: Transcenders: Episode 1: "A Beginning"


Requirements: A computer that can run Unreal Engine 3 games, preferably with Direct X 11 support.

Price: Free

Download for PC    Download for Mac